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Holding Up Short+Sweet Canberra 2018

Greg Gould, Michael Ubrihien, Cameron Thomas and Peter Fock – Winners at Short+Sweet Canberra 2018

I’m a bit late posting, but my newest short play The Hold Up recently took part in Short+Sweet Canberra 2018 (from 17 – 28 April 2018).

We had a fantastic run! Not only did we take out Peoples’ Choice and Judges’ Choice for Week One, we also took out a swag of awards at the Gala Final!

They included:

  • Best Production: The Hold Up
  • People’s Choice: The Hold Up
  • Best Script: Greg Gould
  • Best Actor: Peter Fock

Overall it was a great festival. Very well organised and a lot of fun to be part of. There were also a bunch of other plays on show that were fantastic. My faves included “Miss”, “A Letter to Harold”, “Wannabe”, “One Night Stan”, “Drink Water” and “Still Life”. All well written. All well acted.

The Hold Up at Short+Sweet Canberra 2018

I don’t usually like directing my own writing (or any writing really), but I had a great time working with my fantastic cast.

Michael Ubrihien, Peter Fock and Cameron Thomas were amazing.

I was confident the script was solid, but these guys really took it to a whole other level. The way they managed to bring these characters to life with such energy and empathy was brilliant.

They were also utterly hilarious! Loved hearing the audience bellow with laughter.  Also loved hearing them chortle with anticipation for all the pre-seeded gags. It really warms a writer’s heart!

I’m told that The Hold Up now also qualifies for Short+Sweet Sydney in early 2019. Still feels like a long way away, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays in the big smoke!

Full results for Short+Sweet Canberra 2018 can be found on their Facebook page.


Sexy Beth and her dildos are back

Sexy Beth’s Giant Dildo Collection @ Short+Sweet South India 2017

I am super pumped that my short play Sexy Beth’s Giant Dildo Collection will be in this year’s Short+Sweet South India on 5-9 July!

I wrote this play a few years back as part of Budding Theatre’s Unwrap Me short play showcase. It received great feedback from audience and critics alike.

Not sure why it took me so long to re-write it for the 10-minute format. But now that I have, I am super excited that it’s going to get another (albeit slightly shorter) run!

This incarnation is directed by Vinod Anand, and will feature Krishna Kumar S. as Phil, Mitra Visvesh as Beth, and Arvind R. Vyaas as Dale.

If you happen to be hanging out in Chennai, be sure to check it out!


Stargazers at Short+Sweet Sydney 2017 results

Very happy to hear that Stargazers made the podium of each category of Week 8 of Short+Sweet Sydney 2017. It placed third for People’s Choice and Judge’s Choice. Well, kind of. There was a tie for second in the Judge’s Choice, so it was technically fourth! Still, considering there was 12 plays on the bill, this is a fantastic effort!

Big congrats to director Simeon Yialeloglou and his cast – Blake Eaton, Georgia Heiniger and David Quinn. Wish I could have been there to see it come to life.

Congrats also to the winning plays – One Punch, Game of the Century, and Floss.

Below are some Stargazers pics by Robert Miniter. There is also a short but positive review in the Sydney Arts Guide if you’re keen for a read.

Blake Eaton & David Quinn

Blake Eaton & David Quinn

Blake Eaton & Georgia Heiniger

Blake Eaton & Georgia Heiniger

Blake Eaton & Georgia Heiniger

Blake Eaton & Georgia Heiniger


Stargazers at Short+Sweet Sydney 2017

Stargazers @ Short+Sweet Sydney 2017

Stargazers @ Short+Sweet Sydney 2017

My short play Stargazers is set to hit the boards as part of Week 8 of Short+Sweet Sydney 2017 from Wednesday 1 March to Sunday 5 March at The Depot Theatre.

This little play has been popping up all over the place. After making the finals of Short+Sweet Hollywood in late 2016, it was also part of Moment to Moment’s Pub Theatre season in Melbourne just a few weeks back.

The S+S Sydney version of Stargazers will be directed by Simeon Yialeloglou and will feature Blake Eaton, Georgia Heiniger and David Quinn.

Stargazers is one of my favourite short plays, so I’m super bummed I won’t be able to get up to see this performance. However, there will be plenty of Canberra actors hitting the same stage, including Sreejith Gangadharan and Nithin Balakrishnan (in The Bridge) and Nick Steain (in Judgment Days). No doubt I’ll hear all about it!

If you’re Sydney based and want to catch the shows, you can book tickets here. Be quick, many Week 7 shows were sold out!


Stargazers goes to Hollywood


Stargazers at Short+Sweet Hollywood

I was super surprised and super delighted to learn that my short play Stargazers will be part of the inaugural Short+Sweet Hollywood in September.

This is the first time a Short+Sweet Festival has run in the US, and it will mark the occasion with a three week season at the Stella Adler Theatre, Los Angeles. About 60 directors and more than more than 160 actors will present creative, funny, touching and avant-garde works from 60 short-play writers.

Stargazers will be in Week 1 of proceedings from September 8 to 11. It will be directed by LA based theatre maker, Julie Briggs, and will feature Hannah Mae Sturges, Matt Swain and Hannes Phinney. Here’s what Julie said about her motivation for choosing Stargazers from the 132 available scripts:

“So funny, romantic, surprising, silly and hopeful. It’s a perfectly constructed 10-minute play. Smart, crisp writing, great characters, high stakes, a ticking clock. So good!”

Best. Feedback. Ever.

Short+Sweet Hollywood runs from 8 – 25 September. If you happen to be in La La Land, you can book tickets via Brown Paper Tickets.


Double Dipping at Short+Sweet Canberra 2016

Stargazers @ Short+Sweet Canberra 2016

Stargazers @ Short+Sweet Canberra 2016

It’s that time of the year when the action packed Short+Sweet ten-minute play festival rolls into town and sets up camp in the Courtyard Studio at the Canberra Theatre.

This year I am delighted to have two plays on the bill.

The first is The Assignment, a comedic piece about a group of uni students struggling to work together to finish off an important essay.

The second is Stargazers, a romantic comedy about two teenagers trying to unpack the meaning of life, love and the universe – a hard task made even more difficult when the eccentric Dr Ludwig enters with an earth-shattering interjection.

The Assignment @ Short+Sweet Canberra 2016

The Assignment @ Short+Sweet Canberra 2016

The Assignment will feature Judith Peterson, Mariè Strazdins and Declan Hastings, and will be directed by the awesome Philip Meddows. It will be part of the Wildcard shows at 2:30pm and 7pm on Saturday August 13.

Stargazers will feature Jaslyn Mairs, Austen Saunders and Peter Fock, and will be directed by the ever-insightful Arne Sjostedt. It will be playing throughout Week 2 of the festival from August 16–19 at 7:30pm.

Short+Sweet Canberra runs from 9-20 of August. Thirty ten minute plays, more than half written by playwrights from Canberra and the Capital Region, will be on offer. Tickets are now on sale via Canberra Theatre.


More Unexpected news

The Unexpected poster (Short+Sweet 2016)

The Unexpected poster (Short+Sweet Sydney 2016)

My short play The Unexpected enjoyed a solid run last week as part of Week 3 of Short+Sweet Sydney 2016. The big winners for the week were Baby Blues (Judge’s Choice), written and performed by Canberra actor/puppeteer Ruth Pieloor, and Take Two (People’s Choice), written by Natalie Banach. Congrats to all involved!

Lynn Belvedere has written a short review of the week on Sydney Arts Guide. Of The Unexpected, Belvedere wrote:

Katie Fairbrother plays Lisa, the Mother and Bridget Durkin is Jeannie, the daughter in THE UNEXPECTED. Both have important news, but their long unresolved mother/daughter issues constantly get in the way in this situation drama, which struck an all too familiar chord with many women in the audience. This poignant comedy drew well deserved applause. Writer: Greg Gould, Director: Adam Grubner.

Bridget Durken as Jeannie in The Unexpected

Bridget Durken as Jeannie in The Unexpected

To read Belvedere’s full review/summary of Week 3, check out the Sydney Arts Guide website.

In other unexpected news, The Unexpected will also be included in the Short+Sweet Dubai 2016. This version is presented by Presented by the ASD Adult Theatre Group and will be directed by Lisa Harter. It will be performed on February 19 and 20 at The Junction theatre.

Never ceases to amaze me how a dormant play can suddenly become active again! Great to see these characters up and about.


The unexpected revival of The Unexpected

Short + Sweet Sydney 2016

Short + Sweet Sydney 2016

I’m pumped that my short play The Unexpected will be hitting the boards again at Short+Sweet Sydney 2016. The Unexpected will be part of Week 3 of the festival, which takes place on 20-24 January at The Depot Theatre, Marrickville. It will be directed by the talented Adam Grubner.

This is the fourth production of The Unexpected, and it always amazes me how wonderfully diverse each of the performances are. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Adam and his team bring The Unexpected’s quirky mother-daughter dynamic to life.

Week 3 also includes The Goon, by ten-minute-play veteran Pete Malicki, and Baby Blues, written and performed by Canberra actor and puppeteer, Ruth Pieloor. Overall it’s shaping up to be a lot of fun.

Tickets for Short+Sweet can be purchased direct from the Short+Sweet website.


Mum and Dad bring home the silver

Short+Sweet Silver!

Short+Sweet Silver!

Brendan Kelly and Jess Waterhouse

Brendan Kelly and Jess Waterhouse

Short+Sweet Canberra 2015 wrapped up on Saturday 15 August with the Gala Final at the Courtyard Studio Theatre. I am delighted that The Truth About Mum and Dad picked up a few gongs: People’s Choice and Best Script.

My cast were also among the winners! Brendan Kelly took out best male actor for his portrayal of Jason, and Jess Waterhouse was nominated for best female actor for playing Mel. Brendan and Jess nailed their performances and took my script to a whole other level. Congrats and gratitude to both.

Truth be told, I am humbled the play took out the awards it did. There were a bunch of fantastic plays on offer that could have  scooped the awards pool.

Alison McGregor’s Beautiful, featuring her beloved burlesque character Sparkles, was a shining light throughout the festival – funny, clever, poetic, and theatrical in every sense of the word.

Ruth Pieloor’s Baby Blues, featuring a hilarious puppet baby, wonderfully exposed the (often self-inflicted) neuroses of a new parent. As a new father, this one struck a few chords for me!

Pete Malicki and Alex Broun, veterans of the 10-minute-play format, also put up some great work. Malicki’s The Long Game was tightly written and superbly performed by Sydney-based actor, Yannick Lawry. Broun’s Grace was spectacularly staged and moving. When these guys put up work, you’re rarely disappointed.

My favourite play at the Gala however was Kirsty Budding’s Sluts and Stars. Budding is a driven and talented local playwright and theatre-maker. Her work with younger performers is especially outstanding. Sluts and Stars was another great example of her ability to crack open the mind of a modern teenager in a way that is enlightening, empathetic, and not afraid to ask the important questions.

The end of Short+Sweet Canberra 2015 also marks the end of Kate Gaul’s oversight of the event. After three years as festival director, Kate will be handing the reigns over to local theatre-man Trevar Alan Chilver. No doubt Trevar will bring Short+Sweet back bigger than ever in 2016.

Congrats to everyone involved in this year’s festival. A lot of fun was had by all.


The final truth

Brendan Kelly and Jess Waterhouse in The Truth About Mum and Dad

Brendan Kelly and Jess Waterhouse in The Truth About Mum and Dad

I’m pumped that my short play, The Truth About Mum and Dad, has been chosen to take part in the Short+Sweet Canberra 2015 Gala Final. The Gala Final consists of the best plays from both weeks of this year’s festival, including plays selected by anonymous judges and the most popular plays as voted by the audience.

The final takes place tomorrow (Saturday 15 August) with a matinee at 2:30pm followed by another performance at 7:30pm. Tickets are on sale now through Canberra Theatre. As always, it looks to be a spectacular night of drama, frivolity and fun!

The Truth About Mum and Dad will also be in the Short+Sweet Queensland Gala Final on Friday 28 August at the Powerhouse Theatre. Tickets are on sale through the Powerhouse Theatre.