October productions

Short+Sweet Manila
Short+Sweet Manila

It’s been a pretty crazy month. I started a new job, had a birthday, found out some awesome news about a play of mine that’s currently in development with Budding Theatre (more on that soon), and had two plays in L’amour et la mort.

And just when I thought it was done, I find out that three more of my plays are bouncing around stages across the world.

The first two, Stargazers and The Assignment, were included in Week 1 of Short+Sweet Manila on 21-23 of October.

This is the second time I’ve been included in Short+sweet Manila, with Last Drinks taking part in the 2014 festival.

Shorter+Sweeter in Dubai
Shorter+Sweeter in Dubai

The third play,  Smart Jimmy, Slow Bob, has been included in Shorter+Sweeter in Dubai on October 29. This show looks very interesting. It consists of five winning plays from various Short+Sweet festivals in one night. The other writers on the bill include Alex Broun, Kate Toon, Angie Farrow, and Tim Hehir – a fine list of folks to be sharing the stage with.

Honestly, I had no idea either of these productions were happening until about a week ago. In the 10-minute play scene, this will happen from time to time. Not that I am complaining. I’m just stoked that these little plays are still floating about, and hopefully giving some people a few laughs.

After all, that’s exactly why I write them!


Last Drinks videos

To celebrate Last Drinks doing the rounds with Shorter+Sweeter: The Best of Short+Sweet Dubai, I’ve decided to post a couple Last Drinks related videos.

The first is a recording of Last Drinks being performed at Short+Sweet Dubai 2014. Presented by Backstage, it was directed by Rashmi Kotriwala and performed by Rohit Prakash and Aswathi Menon. The video’s a little rough, but all the gags are there!

The second video is a segment from the Show Bizz television program. Presented by City 7, the UAE’s first local English language television channel, it gives a sneak peek behind the scenes of the Shorter+Sweeter production in Dubai last month. Heavily featured is Beth Burrows, who played the role of Mel. She even says some nice things about my script!



Last Drinks go down well

Did you miss out on seeing Last Drinks at Shorter+Sweeter on the 7th and 8th of May? Don’t worry there’s another performance happening at the Abu Dhabi Theatre on Saturday 30th May.

Can’t make that? Still no need to worry. Ruth Badley has written a great review/round-up of her favourite plays from the show. She said this about Last Drinks:

The black comedy, Last Drinks, introduced a deliciously odd pair with a curious synergy. Ben is determined to die but every attempt to commit suicide ends in failure, whilst Mel, in full bridal regalia is drowning her sorrows after her umpteenth potential husband expired before he could make it up the aisle. Over drinks they share their sorrows and discover they are made for each other – just before the final, laughable catastrophe.

You can read the full write-up over at Ruth’s blog. You can find out more about Last Drinks on the Short Plays page.


Another round for Last Drinks

Shorter+Sweeter 7 & 8 May 2015

I was delighted and honoured to learn that my ten-minute play, Last Drinks, has been selected for Shorter+Sweeter – the best of Short+Sweet Dubai.

Shorter+Sweeter will be at the Madinat Theatre on May 7th and 8th, followed by another performance at the Abu Dhabi Theatre on Saturday 30th May.

The show is a collection of ten ten-minute plays, all chosen from the first three years of Short+Sweet Dubai. The plays were selected by Artistic Director Liz Hadaway, along with Associate Director Sidd Jose, to create a well-balanced and entertaining evening of world class theatre. Last Drinks will be performed by Beth Burrows and Mike Green.

The full line-up of plays include:

  • Tagged by Russell Bell
  • No. 22 by Adele Vuko
  • Friends and Colleagues by Cliff Single
  • Last Drinks by Greg Gould
  • Perfect Stillness by Jane Miller
  • The Royal Shakespeareans present ‘Romeo & Juliet’ by Vikram Ahuja, Salman Qureshi and Hananah Zaheer
  • somewhere between the sky and the sea by Alex Broun
  • Treteau by Sanjeev Dixit (guest production)
  • Sure Thing by David Ives (guest production)

All of the selected plays are stellar and have won a number of Short+Sweet awards both in Dubai and around the world. Details about each play can be found at Short+Sweet.

Last Drinks was first produced at Short+Sweet Dubai 2014 by Backstage. It was directed by Rashmi Kotriwala and performed by Rohit Prakash and Aswathi Menon.

If you can’t get to Dubai to see the show in May, you can always read a copy of the script on my Short Plays page!