More Unexpected news

The Unexpected poster (Short+Sweet 2016)
The Unexpected poster (Short+Sweet Sydney 2016)

My short play The Unexpected enjoyed a solid run last week as part of Week 3 of Short+Sweet Sydney 2016. The big winners for the week were Baby Blues (Judge’s Choice), written and performed by Canberra actor/puppeteer Ruth Pieloor, and Take Two (People’s Choice), written by Natalie Banach. Congrats to all involved!

Lynn Belvedere has written a short review of the week on Sydney Arts Guide. Of The Unexpected, Belvedere wrote:

Katie Fairbrother plays Lisa, the Mother and Bridget Durkin is Jeannie, the daughter in THE UNEXPECTED. Both have important news, but their long unresolved mother/daughter issues constantly get in the way in this situation drama, which struck an all too familiar chord with many women in the audience. This poignant comedy drew well deserved applause. Writer: Greg Gould, Director: Adam Grubner.

Bridget Durken as Jeannie in The Unexpected
Bridget Durken as Jeannie in The Unexpected

To read Belvedere’s full review/summary of Week 3, check out the Sydney Arts Guide website.

In other unexpected news, The Unexpected will also be included in the Short+Sweet Dubai 2016. This version is presented by Presented by the ASD Adult Theatre Group and will be directed by Lisa Harter. It will be performed on February 19 and 20 at The Junction theatre.

Never ceases to amaze me how a dormant play can suddenly become active again! Great to see these characters up and about.