Smart Jimmy, Slow Bob

Image of Smart Jimmy, Slob Bob actos
Image by 3 Fates Media

When Jimmy’s dim-witted brother, Bobby, screws up a hit for the boss, Jimmy has to clean up the mess. But when Sally, the sister of Bobby’s intended victim, turns up, Jimmy’s job gets a lot more complicated.

He had one job: kill the kid.

2 male, 1 female

Production History
“Smart Jimmy, Slow Bob” was first produced at Short + Sweet Canberra 2012. It was directed by Margaret Allen and featured Scott Rutar as Slow Bob (pictured), Dan Holliday as Smart Jimmy (pictured), and Cara Matthews as Sally.

It has also been produced at:

  • Echoes of … 2015 (a 906 Theatre Company production, Chicago USA)
  • Short + Sweet Sydney 2013
  • Short + Sweet Melbourne 2012
  • Short + Sweet Mumbai 2012

Awards / Prizes

  • Winner Best Overall Production, Short + Sweet Canberra 2012
  • Winner People’s Choice, Short + Sweet Canberra 2012—Week 2
  • Nominated for Best Script, Short + Sweet Canberra 2012