In development: Open Heart Therapy web series

In early 2018, local Canberra filmmaker Sebastian Chan invited me to join a writer’s room to develop a new comedic web series titled ‘Open Heart Therapy’. Produced by Sanguineti Media and Vorfreude Pictures, the series will consist of ten episodes, each ten to fifteen minutes long.

Writers at work on Open Heart Therapy

So far, the experience has been a blast. It’s been a real treat to work closely with Sebastian (who’s both writer and showrunner for the series) and the other writers — including Kirsty Budding, Erin Bingham, Joshua Koske, and Willian He — to build the series from the ground up.

From developing characters and story ideas to plotting episodes and character arcs, it has been a truly collaborative affair.

I was lucky enough to be able to write two episodes for the series — including the pilot.

Apart from the differences between writing for the screen as opposed to writing for the stage, the whole experience has been unique. I’m playing with characters I didn’t create, in a story world I don’t own.

At first, I thought these would be constraints, but if anything, the freedom to concentrate on just my episodes has been liberating. I think my scripts are stronger for it too. 

First read through for Open Heart Therapy

In late January 2019, a cast of talented Canberran actors performed a table read of the entire series. It was a long night (about five hours!), and there are still a few issues to iron out, but I think everyone in the room was excited by what we saw.

The series will be entering the financing stage later this year. Fingers crossed it finds some legs!


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