Cheers to Pub Theatre!

Pub Theatre

A wise person once posed a simple but profound question: “Why not put plays in a pub?”

Ok, I’m not sure if it was a wise person. In fact, I don’t even know who it was at all. But someone must have said those words, because the good people at Moment to Moment Theatre Co. are doing just that – they’re putting plays in pubs.

Pub Theatre is a collection of six short Australian plays, performed by the ensemble of Melbourne-based Moment to Moment Theatre Co. I am lucky enough to have two plays included in the line-up – ‘Stargazers‘ and ‘Last Drinks‘.

It kicks off on 8 February at the Dan O’Connel Hotel (Melbourne). Over two weeks it will encompass 9 shows, 6 plays and 3 pubs!

The dates:

The Dan O’Connell (Feb 8 – 10)
The Hawthorn Hotel (Feb 15 – 17)
The Post Office Hotel (Feb 20 – 22)

The line-up:

‘The Kill’ by Alex Broun.
Directed by: Vidya Rajan.
Performed by: Daniel Snibson & Adam Marsh.

‘Stargazers’ by Greg Gould.
Directed by: Greg Saunders.
Performed by: Casey Bohan, Tom Considine & Louis Corbett.

‘Maggots’ by Piri Eddy
Directed by: Louis Corbett.
Performed by: Biance Clare, Will Hassell & Karl Sarsfield.

‘Shirley vs the Possums’ by Camilla Maxwell.
Directed by: Genevieve Brott.
Performed by: Sharon Cunliffe, Jack Doherty & Helen Doig.

‘The Bench’ by Holly Brindley.
Directed by: Holly Brindley.
Performed by: Louis Corbett, Mindy Fyfe & Abbey-Rose Leed.

‘Last Drinks’ by Greg Gould.
Directed by: Adam Marsh.
Performed by: Joe Billings & Nikola Dubois.

Like a buffet, you can pick and choose which plays to see. You can pay $5 to watch a single play, or $20 to watch them all. It’s up to you!

Kudos to Moment to Moment for daring to take theatre back to the beer-guzzling people. Big thanks too to Louis Corbett for personally inviting me to submit my work! I’m honoured.

For full detail about all the shows, check out Moment to Moment’s facebook page.


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