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Sometimes I have shows or launches or other writing related events going on. When I do I’ll post the details here so, you know, people know about them.

Cheers to Pub Theatre!

Pub Theatre

A wise person once posed a simple but profound question: “Why not put plays in a pub?”

Ok, I’m not sure if it was a wise person. In fact, I don’t even know who it was at all. But someone must have said those words, because the good people at Moment to Moment Theatre Co. are doing just that – they’re putting plays in pubs.

Pub Theatre is a collection of six short Australian plays, performed by the ensemble of Melbourne-based Moment to Moment Theatre Co. I am lucky enough to have two plays included in the line-up – ‘Stargazers‘ and ‘Last Drinks‘.

It kicks off on 8 February at the Dan O’Connel Hotel (Melbourne). Over two weeks it will encompass 9 shows, 6 plays and 3 pubs!

The dates:

The Dan O’Connell (Feb 8 – 10)
The Hawthorn Hotel (Feb 15 – 17)
The Post Office Hotel (Feb 20 – 22)

The line-up:

‘The Kill’ by Alex Broun.
Directed by: Vidya Rajan.
Performed by: Daniel Snibson & Adam Marsh.

‘Stargazers’ by Greg Gould.
Directed by: Greg Saunders.
Performed by: Casey Bohan, Tom Considine & Louis Corbett.

‘Maggots’ by Piri Eddy
Directed by: Louis Corbett.
Performed by: Biance Clare, Will Hassell & Karl Sarsfield.

‘Shirley vs the Possums’ by Camilla Maxwell.
Directed by: Genevieve Brott.
Performed by: Sharon Cunliffe, Jack Doherty & Helen Doig.

‘The Bench’ by Holly Brindley.
Directed by: Holly Brindley.
Performed by: Louis Corbett, Mindy Fyfe & Abbey-Rose Leed.

‘Last Drinks’ by Greg Gould.
Directed by: Adam Marsh.
Performed by: Joe Billings & Nikola Dubois.

Like a buffet, you can pick and choose which plays to see. You can pay $5 to watch a single play, or $20 to watch them all. It’s up to you!

Kudos to Moment to Moment for daring to take theatre back to the beer-guzzling people. Big thanks too to Louis Corbett for personally inviting me to submit my work! I’m honoured.

For full detail about all the shows, check out Moment to Moment’s facebook page.


Getting festive with SANTA, BABY!

SANTA, BABY!I’m jolly excited that my new play Statistically Speaking will get a short run as part of Budding Theatre’s SANTA, BABY! short-play showcase on 16 & 17 December at the Courtyard Studio (Canberra Theatre).

Statistically Speaking rehearsal with Felicity Knott and Philip Meddows

Statistically Speaking rehearsal with Felicity Knott and Philip Meddows

Statistically Speaking tells the quirky tale of a statistician looking for love in all the probable (but not predictable) places. It features the ever-awesome Philip Meddows as Milton and the delightful Felicity Knott as Rach. Yours truly will be directing!

Following up from the success of UNWRAP ME in 2014, SANTA, BABY! will include nine short, Christmas themed plays written by Canberra playwrights and performed by local actors. The full line-up includes:

  • Mother and Child by Kate Roediger
  • Statistically Speaking by Greg Gould
  • Christmas Cheers by Frances McNair
  • Gingerbread or Smarties by Zoe Swan
  • Reindeer in Red by Kirsty Budding
  • Christmas in Yorkshire by Harriet Elvin
  • The Christmas Fairy by Adele Lewin and Nigel Palfreman
  • Xmas Is What You Make It by Bronwyn Vanzino
  • Not What You Expected by Judith Peterson

Featuring songs, angels and a visit from Santa, SANTA, BABY! is a Christmas event not to be missed. All profits go to wildlife conservation charity The Thin Green Line Foundation.

Tickets are available via Canberra Theatre.


October productions

Short+Sweet Manila

Short+Sweet Manila

It’s been a pretty crazy month. I started a new job, had a birthday, found out some awesome news about a play of mine that’s currently in development with Budding Theatre (more on that soon), and had two plays in L’amour et la mort.

And just when I thought it was done, I find out that three more of my plays are bouncing around stages across the world.

The first two, Stargazers and The Assignment, were included in Week 1 of Short+Sweet Manila on 21-23 of October.

This is the second time I’ve been included in Short+sweet Manila, with Last Drinks taking part in the 2014 festival.

Shorter+Sweeter in Dubai

Shorter+Sweeter in Dubai

The third play,  Smart Jimmy, Slow Bob, has been included in Shorter+Sweeter in Dubai on October 29. This show looks very interesting. It consists of five winning plays from various Short+Sweet festivals in one night. The other writers on the bill include Alex Broun, Kate Toon, Angie Farrow, and Tim Hehir – a fine list of folks to be sharing the stage with.

Honestly, I had no idea either of these productions were happening until about a week ago. In the 10-minute play scene, this will happen from time to time. Not that I am complaining. I’m just stoked that these little plays are still floating about, and hopefully giving some people a few laughs.

After all, that’s exactly why I write them!


L’amour et la mort – Love and death in a French Restaurant

L’Amour et le Mort – Love and death in a French Restaurant

L’Amour et le Mort – Love and death in a French Restaurant (Oct 14 & 21)

The best thing about writing short plays is that they can pop up in all sorts of places, so I was delighted that Ally Cat Productions asked me to contribute to L’amour et la mort – Love and death in a French Restaurant.

L’amour et la mort will take place at Le Tres Bon, the Canberra region’s most celebrated French restaurant, on October 14 and 21 from 7pm. It will feature a degustation menu of monologues, short plays and songs about brief, ironic but life-changing encounters in restaurants, cafes and bars.

Two of my short plays, Last Drinks and Limbo, will be on show, as well as a number of short monologues written by fellow Canberra writer/actor/producer, Judith Peterson. Rounding out the show will be the musical talents of Frank Zappia.

The plays will be performed by some of Canberra’s finest actors including Nick Steain, Helen Way, Peter Fock, and Judith Peterson. The evening will be directed by Rachel Hogan.

Tickets are $85 per person and include a three course dinner and the show. For more information, or to book, go to the Le Tres Bon website.

Get ya French on!


Stargazers goes to Hollywood


Stargazers at Short+Sweet Hollywood

I was super surprised and super delighted to learn that my short play Stargazers will be part of the inaugural Short+Sweet Hollywood in September.

This is the first time a Short+Sweet Festival has run in the US, and it will mark the occasion with a three week season at the Stella Adler Theatre, Los Angeles. About 60 directors and more than more than 160 actors will present creative, funny, touching and avant-garde works from 60 short-play writers.

Stargazers will be in Week 1 of proceedings from September 8 to 11. It will be directed by LA based theatre maker, Julie Briggs, and will feature Hannah Mae Sturges, Matt Swain and Hannes Phinney. Here’s what Julie said about her motivation for choosing Stargazers from the 132 available scripts:

“So funny, romantic, surprising, silly and hopeful. It’s a perfectly constructed 10-minute play. Smart, crisp writing, great characters, high stakes, a ticking clock. So good!”

Best. Feedback. Ever.

Short+Sweet Hollywood runs from 8 – 25 September. If you happen to be in La La Land, you can book tickets via Brown Paper Tickets.


Double Dipping at Short+Sweet Canberra 2016

Stargazers @ Short+Sweet Canberra 2016

Stargazers @ Short+Sweet Canberra 2016

It’s that time of the year when the action packed Short+Sweet ten-minute play festival rolls into town and sets up camp in the Courtyard Studio at the Canberra Theatre.

This year I am delighted to have two plays on the bill.

The first is The Assignment, a comedic piece about a group of uni students struggling to work together to finish off an important essay.

The second is Stargazers, a romantic comedy about two teenagers trying to unpack the meaning of life, love and the universe – a hard task made even more difficult when the eccentric Dr Ludwig enters with an earth-shattering interjection.

The Assignment @ Short+Sweet Canberra 2016

The Assignment @ Short+Sweet Canberra 2016

The Assignment will feature Judith Peterson, Mariè Strazdins and Declan Hastings, and will be directed by the awesome Philip Meddows. It will be part of the Wildcard shows at 2:30pm and 7pm on Saturday August 13.

Stargazers will feature Jaslyn Mairs, Austen Saunders and Peter Fock, and will be directed by the ever-insightful Arne Sjostedt. It will be playing throughout Week 2 of the festival from August 16–19 at 7:30pm.

Short+Sweet Canberra runs from 9-20 of August. Thirty ten minute plays, more than half written by playwrights from Canberra and the Capital Region, will be on offer. Tickets are now on sale via Canberra Theatre.


Last Drinks at At the Gates

At the Gates

At the Gates @ Smith’s Alternative

Fresh from a terrific run at Best of Crash Test last month, my short play Last Drinks will be doing an encore performance as part of At the Gates, a variety show taking place at Smith’s Alternative on 9 July 2016.

At the Gates will showcase a slew of Canberra talent including performance poets, theatre folk and musicians. Performers include Rob Defries, Helen Way, Phillip Meddows, Cara Irvine, John Lombard, Ghost Noises, Barbi Jones, Dylan Hekimian, The Faumuis, and Katherine Berry. The event has been organised and will be hosted by the wonderful Brendan Kelly.

Apart from being a great excuse to indulge in some creativity, At the Gates also aims to raise funds and awareness for the plight of refugees around the world. All proceeds will be donated to Amnesty International.

The show kicks off at 4pm. Entry is $10.


Last Drinks at Best of Crash Test

Best of Crash Test @ Courtyard Studio

Best of Crash Test (25-26 June)

Super excited that my short play Last Drinks will hit the Canberra boards again as part of Best of Crash Test on 25 & 26 of June.

Last Drinks was my first Crash Test play back in 2012. Since then it has become one of my most performed pieces with almost a dozen productions throughout Australia and abroad. In 2013 it won People’s Choice at Short+Sweet Canberra and was a Gala Finalist in Short+Sweet Auckland. Recently it was part of the inaugural Shorts on Stage ten-minute play festival at Noosa Arts Theatre.

Apart from the buzz of getting to see Last Drinks live again, I’m excited that this version will feature the talents of Rob Defries and Helen Way. Rob and Helen were the first actors to take Last Drinks into the Crash Test arena, and I’ve been itching to get them back in the roles. Added to this, the awesome Phillip Meddows will be directing! What more could a playwright ask for?

Best of Crash Test is a celebration of Crash Test Drama Canberra, a moved reading event aimed at developing original work and fostering creative collaboration. Since kicking off in 2012, Crash Test has played a key role in the emergence of a dynamic, energetic and inclusive ten-minute play scene in the ACT. A number of writers, actors and directors that have taken part of Crash Test Drama Canberra have gone on to enjoy success in ten-minute play festivals and competitions worldwide.

The full line up for Best of Crash Test is:

  • “My Undies are Evil” written and directed by John Lombard
  • “A Dog’s Life” written and directed by Angus Algie
  • “Sprung” by Nigel Palfreman, directed by Kirsty Budding
  • “Cupid’s Waiting” by Kate Roediger, directed by Rob Defries
  • “Cuts” by Mary Langdon, directed by Marcus Freeman
  • “Wardrobe Diplomacy” by Harriet Elvin, directed by Amanda Gillespie
  • “Money Rats” by Kirsty Budding, directed by C.S. Carroll
  • “Last Drinks” by Greg Gould, directed by Philip Meddows

The plays range in subject and style, from outlandish comedy to subtle political satire. All look to be a lot of fun.

The Best of Crash test kicks off at 7pm on 25 & 26 of June at the Courtyard Theater.  Tickets are on sale via Canberra Theatre.  The show is produced by the ever-enterprising Budding Theatre.

Note: this show is not suitable for children. There will be bad words. And sexy words. But mainly bad words.


Stargazing in Wagga

Ten X 10 Fest 2016

Ten X 10 Fest 2016

Stoked that my short play Stargazers will debut as part of the Ten X 10 Play Fest in Wagga Wagga on 17, 18 & 19 June.

Produced by the Wagga Wagga School of Arts Community Theatre (SoACT), the Ten X 10 Play Fest is fast becoming one of the best annual ten-minute plays festivals around. Not only does it showcase the works of local, regional and metropolitan writers, it provides opportunities for new and experienced directors and actors to work in a festival environment.

Stargazers will be directed by Saasha McMillan, and I know for certain she’s got something special tucked up her sleeve for the performances. Hopefully I can get along and check it out.

Ten X 10 Fest 2016 takes place at the Commercial Club Wagga, 77 Gurwood St, Wagga Wagga. Performance times are:

  • Friday 17th June from 7.30pm
  • Saturday 18th June from 7.30pm
  • Sunday 19th June from 2pm

Tickets can be purchased at the Commercial Club during office hours on 02 6921 3012 or online.


Noosa Arts Theatre to serve Last Drinks

Shorts On Stage - May 28 and 29 at Noosa Arts Theatre

Shorts On Stage – May 28 and 29 at Noosa Arts Theatre

I’m honoured that my ten-minute play Last Drinks will be included in the line-up for Shorts On Stage at Noosa Arts Theatre later this month. It will be directed by Karina Seale.

Renowned for their National One-Act Playwriting Competition, this is the first foray into ten-minute theatre for Noosa Arts. It promises to be “a fast moving selection of ten highly entertaining ten-minute plays from stellar casts in South East Queensland”.

Plays are being presented by Noosa Arts Theatre, Miranda’s Dressing Room (Noosa), Little Seed Theatre Company (Sunshine Beach), Farmhouse Theatre (Cooran), Suncoast Repertory Theatre (Maleny), and In Time Productions (Brisbane).

There are only three performances on offer, so if you’re in the area make sure you grab ticket. Performances kick off at 2pm and 7:30pm on May 28, with an additional show at 2pm on May 29.  Tickets are available through the Noosa Arts website.