The Hold Up into Short+Sweet Sydney Gala Final

Super stoked that my short play The Hold Up has won the Judges Choice for Week 6 of Short+Sweet Sydney 2019. We were also co-winners for the People’s Choice vote too!

The cast of The Hold Up (Michael Ubrihien, Philip Meddows and Peter Fock)

As a result, we have been granted direct entry into the Gala Final event happening on 27 April at 7.30pm and 28 April at 6.00pm at the Tom Mann Theatre in Surry Hills.

I’ve had a few plays in Short+Sweet Sydney before, but this is the first time I have taken a Canberra cast to the event, or taken on the role of director.

I’ve also been told that Canberra productions taking part in Short+Sweet Sydney have traditionally found it hard to win over the big city crowds, so I was more than a little nervous about how it would all turn out.

Luckily, my stellar cast of Peter Fock, Michael Ubrihien, and Philip Meddows brought the goods. They were charming, funny, and utterly unflappable in the face of a new stage, new crowd and a few minor technical difficulties along the way.

In fact, they were so good that one reviewer wrote that the play was a:

Quick-fire comedy with so many memorable and just very wrong one-liners, provided huge laughter frenzy all in under ten minutes.

Lynn Belvedere, Sydney Arts Guide

Can’t wait to take this play out for one more spin. Sydney, we’ll be back!


Holding up Short+Sweet Sydney 2019

After taking out Best Production, People’s Choice, Best Script, and Best Actor (for Peter Fock) at Short+Sweet Canberra 2018, my short play The Hold Up has been invited to take part in Short+Sweet Sydney 2019.

Michael Ubrihien, Peter Fock and Philip Meddows rehearse The Hold Up.

I’ll be returning to the director’s chair along with original cast members Michael Ubrihien and Peter Fock.

Cameron Thomas couldn’t come back as our robber (Shakespeare was calling) but luckily the fabulously talented Philip Meddows has agreed to step into the role.

So far rehearsals have been a blast. I have no doubt these cool cats are going to light up the big city stage!

The Hold Up is in Week 6 of Short+Sweet Sydney from 14 – 17 March at the Tom Mann Theatre (Surrey Hills). Tickets are available at Ticket Tailor.


Sexy Beth is back in Hollywood!

Super excited that my short play Sexy Beth’s Giant Dildo Collection is getting another run with New American Theatre on March 10 and March 31.

Sexy Beth’s Giant Dildo Collection at the Fall 2017 Festival of New Plays (starring Brendan Brandt, Jenny Lerner and Ken Lerner)

After appearing in the New American Theate Fall 2017 Festival of New Plays, Sexy Beth was recently voted one of their favourite one-acts of the past 10 years. So, now it’s set to hit the stage again as part of their “Best of the One Acts” redux.

Sexy Beth’s Giant Dildo Collection will star David Purdham, Charley Stern, and Gina Weber.

If you do the LA thing, go check it out and say g’day for me. Tickets are available at the New American Theatre website.   


In development: Open Heart Therapy web series

In early 2018, local Canberra filmmaker Sebastian Chan invited me to join a writer’s room to develop a new comedic web series titled ‘Open Heart Therapy’. Produced by Sanguineti Media and Vorfreude Pictures, the series will consist of ten episodes, each ten to fifteen minutes long.

Writers at work on Open Heart Therapy

So far, the experience has been a blast. It’s been a real treat to work closely with Sebastian (who’s both writer and showrunner for the series) and the other writers — including Kirsty Budding, Erin Bingham, Joshua Koske, and Willian He — to build the series from the ground up.

From developing characters and story ideas to plotting episodes and character arcs, it has been a truly collaborative affair.

I was lucky enough to be able to write two episodes for the series — including the pilot.

Apart from the differences between writing for the screen as opposed to writing for the stage, the whole experience has been unique. I’m playing with characters I didn’t create, in a story world I don’t own.

At first, I thought these would be constraints, but if anything, the freedom to concentrate on just my episodes has been liberating. I think my scripts are stronger for it too. 

First read through for Open Heart Therapy

In late January 2019, a cast of talented Canberran actors performed a table read of the entire series. It was a long night (about five hours!), and there are still a few issues to iron out, but I think everyone in the room was excited by what we saw.

The series will be entering the financing stage later this year. Fingers crossed it finds some legs!


Last Drinks in print

My short play Last Drinks has been selected as a First Place Winner in the Smith & Kraus and True Acting Institute 10 Minute Play Contest for Theaters and Playwrights.

It is now set be featured in the Best 10 Minute Plays 2019, an annual short play anthology (published by Smith & Kraus) later this year.

Sneak peek at Last Drinks on the page …

Perhaps my most successful short play to date, Last Drinks has always been a favourite. I wrote it way back in 2012/13 and have had a great time watching it pop up on stages all over the world.

The exact release date for the book is still TBA, but you can be sure I’ll let you know when and where to get it when it hits the shelves.


Statistically Speaking at Short+Sweet Dubai

My short play Statistically Speaking was recently part of Short+Sweet Dubai on 22 – 23d of February 2019.

Statistically Speaking at Short+Sweet Dubai 2019

For a while it looked like the play might not happen at all.

The original director was forced to pull out late in proceedings, but luckily the play’s co-stars, Pranav Nasta and Gabriela Porojan, decided to pull double duty and continue on as co-directors (with assistance from festival director, Sabiha Majgaonkar)!

Big thanks to all for getting it up on stage. Special thanks to Gaby for the poster too. I dig it!


Holding Up Short+Sweet Canberra 2018

Greg Gould, Michael Ubrihien, Cameron Thomas and Peter Fock – Winners at Short+Sweet Canberra 2018

I’m a bit late posting, but my newest short play The Hold Up recently took part in Short+Sweet Canberra 2018 (from 17 – 28 April 2018).

We had a fantastic run! Not only did we take out Peoples’ Choice and Judges’ Choice for Week One, we also took out a swag of awards at the Gala Final!

They included:

  • Best Production: The Hold Up
  • People’s Choice: The Hold Up
  • Best Script: Greg Gould
  • Best Actor: Peter Fock

Overall it was a great festival. Very well organised and a lot of fun to be part of. There were also a bunch of other plays on show that were fantastic. My faves included “Miss”, “A Letter to Harold”, “Wannabe”, “One Night Stan”, “Drink Water” and “Still Life”. All well written. All well acted.

The Hold Up at Short+Sweet Canberra 2018

I don’t usually like directing my own writing (or any writing really), but I had a great time working with my fantastic cast.

Michael Ubrihien, Peter Fock and Cameron Thomas were amazing.

I was confident the script was solid, but these guys really took it to a whole other level. The way they managed to bring these characters to life with such energy and empathy was brilliant.

They were also utterly hilarious! Loved hearing the audience bellow with laughter.  Also loved hearing them chortle with anticipation for all the pre-seeded gags. It really warms a writer’s heart!

I’m told that The Hold Up now also qualifies for Short+Sweet Sydney in early 2019. Still feels like a long way away, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays in the big smoke!

Full results for Short+Sweet Canberra 2018 can be found on their Facebook page.


Stargazing in New York City

I am delighted that my short play Stargazers has been selected to take part in the The Revelation, a series of one act plays happening in New York City on February 24 and 25.

The Revelation is produced by Blue Perl Theatrics in association with Michael Andrews Productions. It features ten plays written by playwrights across the U.S. All the plays focus on the central theme of characters experiencing awakenings that change the course of their lives.

The plays will display the talents of twenty actors both native to NYC and from out of town. Genres include drama, comedy, sci-fi, and politics.

Stargazers is directed by Joe Sexton and features actors Jenny Ammann, Eric Osterman and Joe Hornberger.

Blue Pearl Theatrics is an Off-Off Broadway theatre company that produces bold, thought-provoking works in NYC theatres, using their pool of incredible theatrical talent.

If you call the Big Apple home, go check it out. Tix available at


Playing around at Playing Field

For the second half of 2017 I was lucky enough to be an artist in residence at Playing Field Studio here in Canberra.

Over ten weeks, I got to regularly go sit in a studio space, put on my ten-minute playwright hat, and write write write!

I work full time. I have a two-year-old. I have an annoying cat. Writing at home can be difficult. Having a dedicated space and time to write in was a real treat.

Me trying to look “writerly” …

My goal was to write at least five new ten-minute plays that I could submit to festivals in 2018. I didn’t quite walk away with as many as I wanted (I managed three, with two more half written), but I got enough material to make 2018 interesting.

As any writer will tell you, writing can be lonely. I was determined to make my time at Playing Field collaborative. I invited some writerly friends to join me for a few sessions. Apart from saving me from sitting in an empty room by myself, it was awesome to have people around to ask dumb questions of. Like “Is corduroy a fabric?” and “How do you spell corduroy?”

Writing alone can be hard …

But it wasn’t all write write write. I also invited some local actors, directors, and dramaturges to workshop some material. I wasn’t quite ready to put my new ten-minute plays to the test, so I took the opportunity to pull out a full-length play I have been working on and give it a run.

It was fascinating stuff. Hearing a play read aloud is so different from reading it on a page. I learned a lot and have plenty of insights to help me re-draft in the months ahead.

Read through of a work in progress.

Surprisingly, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the residency was running a free “How to Write a Ten-Minute Play” workshop. Playing Field is a community organisation. As part of the residency agreement they asked that I give something back to the community to encourage wider use of the space.

I was a little intimidated by the thought of running a workshop. I’m not a great public speaker. I don’t like being the centre of attention. Frankly, I wasn’t sure I had anything useful to say.

But it turned out great!

Fourteen people turned up to listen to me ramble about writing ten-minute plays. I am no expert when it comes to theatre writing (I’m still learning!), so I was surprised to see how much I had to talk about. The process of putting together a presentation that broke down how I plot plays, develop characters, build conflict, construct dialogue etc really helped me clarify a lot of concepts in my mind. I was amazed to discover how much I plan when trying to fill a blank page – or ten.

Hopefully the group found this interesting too!

My first “How to Write a Ten-Minute Play” class!

Overall, my time at Playing Field was fantastic. It was a privilege to be allowed to set aside time to be creative, improvise, share, and examine my writing process.

Big thanks to Playing Field for the opportunity and support. Also big thanks to everyone that came to write, read, play and learn along with me.

10 out of 10, would resident again!